Aluminium Awnings

Perfect for hardy conditions

Aluminium awnings are durable and thus perfect for Australian weather conditions, particularly here in Bundaberg. They are resistant to salt spray and rust making them perfect for homes on the Australian coastline.  Aluminium awnings are built to last a lifetime while looking good and adding style and function to your home.

Beautiful Complement to your Exteriors

Not only are they hard wearing and strong, but they can be powder coat matched to any colour you like, making them a beautiful complement to any home.  Literally choose any colour that works with the style of your home or that takes your fancy. The look and feel of fixed aluminium awnings is simple, discreet and slimline. They suit just about any area in any home.

Perfect for areas that need protection

Fixed aluminium awnings are perfect for areas where you always want shade and protection from the weather such as your front door and garden porticos. They have different reach expansion and can be extended for just about any width of coverage that is required.

Multiple Designs – Create your Own Style

They are available in several designs and shapes with arm or post supports, optional sides and mitred corners and with different coverage projections. All of the posts and underside are done in white for a neutral look. They can also be made in a variety of panel widths to match the look and style you are trying to achieve.

Functional and Economical

They are a great choice if you are looking for something stylish, functional but also economical. With absolutely zero maintenance, they are an install and forget product that will incur no ongoing upkeep costs.

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