Lock Arm Awnings

Two Opening Options

Lock arm awnings open out to a fixed position or can hang straight.  You can have the awning hanging flush with the window, just like a drop awning. This will give you complete shade and darkness in the rooms of your home.  Otherwise, push out the arm of the awning to a locked position. This enables some air, light, sunshine and a view from your home which is definitely sometimes needed.  The awnings are perfect for sun protection particularly for smaller windows. Keep your home cooler from the penetrating heat with these durable self locking awnings, as they provide great protection.

Easy to Operate

Lock arm awnings are very simple to operate, because they open and close along guided rails. Hence, you simply adjust either by hand or pole to a fixed position along the rails.

Protect Your Home

Perfect for protecting your interiors from sun bleaching, keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter, lock arm awnings on your exterior windows can also complement and update the exterior style of your home.  There is a big choice when it comes to the fabrics for lock arm awnings.

Easy to Close Away

When you want to fully expose your windows to the great outdoors, simply fold the awning away.  You can roll it up into a semi-cassette, which will protect the awning. It gives the look of your home a clean finish. You would barely know that the awning was there. The semi-cassette can be powder coated in a colour that suits the exterior of your home.

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