Drop Awnings

Create Extra Space in your Home with Drop Awnings

An easy way to expand the space in your home is to make use of your outdoor areas. Areas such as verandahs or porches, that have roofs but open walls, can easily be enclosed with drop awnings.  Move between opening and enclosing the space, as you need it, with the simple touch of a button.

Perfect for Alfresco Entertaining

Great for outdoor kitchens, bbq areas, verandahs and balconies, drop awnings are an easy way to create an extra room that is also protected from ultraviolet rays, direct sun, wind and bugs, insects and other creepy crawlies.

Drop Awnings Delivered with Many Mechanisms

There are so many options for how you control your drop awnings. Mechanisms for operation include a simple rope and pulley system, channel guided lock system, spring-loaded top roller to tension fabric and straps to hold the awning in place as well as a lock-arm system.  Whatever your situation, there is a delivery mechanism to match that is both simple and discreet. If you opt for motorisation, they are even easier to control.

Roll up and Fold Away for a Discreet Look

When you do not want to enclose your outdoor areas, you can simply roll them away into a semi-cassette for a non-intrusive look and feel.  The cassettes can be colour matched to suit the exterior colours of your home, so the finish is sleek and seamless.  With so many delivery mechanisms, this fold-away/roll-away action is simple and effortless.

See-through Sun-screen Fabrics

Straight drop awnings are available in sun-screen fabrics which provide protection and privacy whilst also allowing you to see through to the backyard and outdoors.  These fabrics also help make your space feel expansive rather than the enclosed feeling of walls.

Drop awnings are clean and modern in finish and add architectural interest to both your interiors and exteriors.

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