Shutters – PVC, Timber

Shutters have become a mainstay of Australian homes for good reason – the stylish Hamptons effect of these window furnishings perfect translates to our lifestyle.

Explore the range of stunning shutters from Fusion PLUS. They are made from a waterproof reinforced polymer extrusion, making them ideal for wet areas.

Easy to manoeuvre for privacy and light, they are ideal for bathrooms and guaranteed for life. They also come in 7 colours to complement Dulux popular whites.

Match shutters with sheer curtains to perfectly frame your windows and add and extra layer of glamour to your interiors, not to mention a layer of insulation.

Shutters can be shaped to fit odd shaped windows such as circles, arches and triangles to any other shape you can think of. See our blog post about fitting odd shaped windows.

With the polysatin options, you can use them in any wet room in your home such as bathrooms and laundries.

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