Infinite Styling Possibilities

The styling possibilities with curtains are infinite because there are just so many gorgeous fabric options available today.  As a result, whether you want to complement your decor or make a style statement, it is just so simple with drapery.

Neta Home and Commercial have partnered with the fabulous team at Maurice Kain and thus, we can custom make curtains to perfectly fit your windows and style in a matter of weeks.

You can create a bespoke interior style that captures the essence of your style perfectly, because there are so may tracking options, pleats and beautiful ranges of fabrics to choose from.

Numerous Benefits

Beside the styling options, curtains have so many other benefits.  They are great for sound proofing, insulation and room darkening, because they add an extra layer to your windows.  You can guarantee yourself and your family a nice warm and peaceful night’s sleep with the many blockout and lining options available.  Lining your curtains also ensures they last longer, because it helps protect from UV damage and deterioration.

Sheer Delight

Alternatively, you can embrace the exploding trend of sheers. They add a touch of luxury to your window furnishings due to the billowy light-weight fabrics.  Sheer curtains allow you a view to the outside whilst simultaneously providing privacy.  As a result, these window dressings are hard to resist when it comes to modern decor.  Perfectly matched with plantations shutters, sheer curtains add a romantic touch to frame your windows.

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