Pivot Arm Awnings

Flexible Shading

Pivot arm awnings operate like a drop awning, except you can create space between the awning and the window at a varying degree.  The supporting arm is movable and can help push the awning away from the window. This way you can enjoy airflow and a view. Alternatively, you can have the arm lax so that the awning falls against the window as per a drop awning, thereby completely shading your rooms.

Operation Mechanisms

Easy to manoeuvre, open further from your windows to allow more sunshine or breeze or to keep in line with the movement of the sun during the day.

Operated from within the home by rope or tape, Pivot Arm Awnings can also be motorised for even simpler function.  They are spring-loaded, so you get a nice taut finish to your awnings.  This is great for windy conditions.

Fabric Options

These awnings come in many beautiful fabrics and in many beautiful colours or designs. Pivot arm awnings can add some extra style to your home’s exteriors. Best of all, they are durable and so withstand UV deterioration, thus keeping your home looking good.

Install on Any Storey

You can install pivot arm awnings on any storey of your home because they are operated from inside your house. Whether it be a doorway or windows, these awnings are a great solution for higher storeys of your home.

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