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A Hefty Job in Hervey Bay!

An Awning Update

The Hervey Bay Medical Centre’s awnings were in desperate need of an upgrade.  The old green bull nose had done its job but had really had it’s day and it was bringing down the look of the building.

In order to give the building a facelift and the professional look it deserved, we replaced the old awning with these sleek and modern slatted awnings from Hometec.  We love the powder coated finish done in “wallaby”!

This was quite a hefty job with more than 80 metres of awnings to install, but well worth the effort. What a great result – the building looks so modern it is hard to tell it is the same building.

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Chic Sheers Suit the Bundaberg Lifestyle.

Harness the Billowing Beauty

Sheers have experience an explosion in popularity in recent years, particularly in Bundaberg, and it is no wonder.  They are a light solution to window fashions that perfectly suit the Australian and Queensland lifestyle.  Rather than cumbersome heavy drapes, sheers are lightweight, breezy and glamorous yet do the job of providing privacy whilst also allowing a view to the outdoors.

With the abundance in beautiful sheer fabrics to match their recent rise in applications, there are now a huge array of colours, textures and prints available in these floaty fabrics.

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Carport Cover Shades from the Queensland Sun.

An easy install that add architectural interest

What an easy solution for the carport.  Using Hometec slatted privacy screens, we enclosed one side of our clients carport to create some protection for the car from UV, rain and  wind and it also allows a little more privacy from the neighbours.

Beautifully colour matched to the existing colour scheme, the privacy screens also add a level of architectural interest and privacy to our client’s home.

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Extend Your Living – Enjoy the Bundaberg Lifestyle.

Australia’s favourite guided awning

Ziptrak awnings are an easy way to the extend the living space of your home. Enclosing the outdoor BBQ area here for our clients, they can now enjoy the sense of being outdoors, via the easy to see through screens, whilst also enjoying protection from UV, wind and mosquitoes.

Life is that much more comfortable with a little help from Ziptrak.

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Safe and Secure in 1770.

Ensure the safety of your balustrading

Upgrading the balustrading on your home not only ensures the safety of your balconies and the security of your family, but can really help update the look of your exteriors.

Trimmings such as balustrading and gates can easily give your home a modern facelift particuarly with colour matching possibilities.  For this job we replaced the delapidated bannisters and hand rails with this sleep replacement from Hometec.  We also installed a side gate to hide the outdoor gas and hot water tanks and to increase the security of the home.

Pristine Perimeters in Gin Gin

Hide your bins and bottles from view

Privacy screens are an excellent option for giving you security and peace of mind in your home as you protect yourself and family members from any prying eyes! These screens have increased in popularity recently, particularly as high-density living is on the rise. However, there are numerous of other great benefits of a privacy screen, regardless of whether privacy is the top priority for your home.

Privacy screens are a perfect way to obstruct the view of many unsightly views on the exterior of your home. Air conditioners, pipes, bins and tanks are just some of the unavoidable objects that can ruin the look of your houses’ beautiful exterior that you have worked so hard to achieve! Privacy screens have the ability to neatly surround and enclose these objects, masking their visibility, but still giving you easy access to them if needed for use or maintenance work. The picture below showcases how effectively a privacy screen can mask the view of the content that it hides. The stunning slatted privacy screen we installed for a client encloses their piping and gas bottle, which is hidden from the standpoint of the photographer.

In addition to hiding ugly areas, privacy screens can also add to the look of your home, producing an updated and modernised design. Our privacy screen options come in a versatile range of different colours and finishes to complement your space, as well as customisable size options to seamlessly fit into the space required. Our Eurowood finish gives off the impression of real wood without the need for maintenance. Alternatively, the polished aluminium and powder coated finish options are guaranteed not to warp, rust or peel, so you can expect durability from whatever finish you decide to choose! The installation in the photo showcases a powder-coated screen in a beautiful complementary white, creating architectural interest and a contemporary addition to the client’s house.

Sleek Sliding Finish in Bundaberg

These bi-fold beauties are super functional

These beautiful shutters installed in Bundaberg are the perfect solution for those that want simplicity and ease. Our shutters are custom-sized, allowing you to fit any window, including doors and even odd-shaped windows. When wanting light in your home, it is often thought that privacy must be sacrificed, which is not the case for shutters. The panels within the frame manoeuvre easily allowing you to adjust how much light enters your room, without completely compromising your privacy. These shutters are perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms where privacy is prioritised. 

These stunning shutters were installed to maintain the privacy of a bedroom balcony while allowing light and air to flow through the room when needed. Whilst shutters are not often the go-to for balcony doors, they are a perfect solution as they are extremely versatile and functional. There are a number of ways to install shutters that cover doors, including bi-fold, sliding, or pull-open like your typical shutter.

Our shutters are made from PVC or Timber, creating ease when it comes to cleaning and dusting, making them perfectly suitable for those with allergies or sensitivity to dust.

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Beautiful Sheer Curtains in Agnes Water

The perfect solution for light and privacy

Sheer curtains are the perfect complementary addition to your home. Designed to fit perfectly in your home, sheer curtains don’t take away from the beautiful view in this Agnes Water home but allow for privacy from those passing by.

For many homes, block-out, heavy drapes are not always suitable, so lightweight, sheer curtains are a perfect alternative to ensure you still achieve your styling dreams. Perfect for communal areas such as living rooms, sheer curtains enable your home to be filled with soft, natural light, without exposing your interiors to the neighbours.

With an array of colours, opacities and fabrics to choose from, your dream home can finally be complete with the help of Neta Home & Commercial. Give us a call today on 4152 6977 to learn more.

Adding Dimension in Agnes Waters

The perfect solution for light and privacy

With this sleek white kitchen install, our clients were happy with maintaining the clean, neutral palette, but wanted to add some textural interest, so that the room was not too clinical and was an expression of their own style.

These polysatin shutters were a perfect fit for their décor, adding a level of dimension to an otherwise standard kitchen. They are so very functional for wet areas like kitchens. You can simply wipe them down with a wet cloth to clean them and there is no ongoing maintenance like painting.  Low maintenance and stylish to boot – what is not to love.

So easy to manoeuvre, shutters have the added advantage of being able to maintain privacy while allowing in light simultaneously. Perfect for our clients, given their kitchen face their neighbours’ lounge room.  Simply tilt the vane to easily adjust the angle of the shutters as the sun and heat move around the home, enabling shade but permitting airflow.

Shutters are available in several delivery mechanisms including hinged, sliding and motorisation and can be custom-fit to just about any window in your home including sliding doors, archways and bay windows.

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Vertical blinds in grey

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