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Here in Queensland, it is inevitable you are going to want to open up your home to let in a cool breeze, particularly during summer.  At the same time, we all want to feel safe and secure in our home, not only from potential intruders, but also from flies, mosquitoes and other annoying bugs associated with the warmer months.

Security doors are a great solution for Queensland homes.  In addition to adding another level of security to your home in general, they allow you to open your home up to enjoy the summer breeze while feeling safe and secure.  There is no need to worry about pesky bugs, particularly annoying blow flies, getting into your home.  What an environmentally friendly way to control your pest problem.

Easily keep an eye on the kids in the backyard, enjoy the breeze and a fly free environment.  Neta Home and Commercial can come to your home to assess your security and find a solution for your screen door problems.

Whether you want hinged, sliding or folding doors, we have superlative product to suit your home and lifestyle requirements.  With security doors, there are different options from aluminium to steel, lock systems, frames, reinforcing, grilles, infills (grilles, bars, motifs, mesh) and emergency exits.  Talk to our team about all your options with security door installations, and begin enjoying a connection with the outdoors without compromising on your security.

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