Cellular Blinds

Great for the environment saving your household on energy costs.  Cellular blinds have a honeycomb construction that helps trap air in pockets.  Creating layers of insulation, cellular blinds keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.  They help you avoid excessive heating and cooling  costs which is great for the environment and also for your back pocket.

Available in a range of delivery mechanisms, including motorisation options, cellular blinds are a versatile solution for your window furnishings.  Open and close your shades to suit your lifestyle.  Even open the blinds before you get up in the morning and have them closed after the sun goes down.  Come home to a warm and toasty home that has the daytime sun trapped inside.

Cellular Shades come in a huge range of fabrics  and opacties too.  So you can create your own interior style whilst easily meeting you privacy and light requirements.

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