Roller Security Shutters

Ozroll Rollashield Distributor

Neta Home and Commercial are your local distributor of Rollashield roller shutters by OzRoll. We have some great displays for you to experience if you come in-store. Otherwise, we can come to you and give you an obligation free consultation for these security shutters.

Peace of Mind for your Family

If you want to secure your home, then Ozroll are offering you peace of mind and safety for your family. You can totally rest assured your home is secured.  Enjoy a good night’s sleep without the worry of intrusion with the help of these impenetrable security shutters.

Energy Saving

Ozroll shutters also help save you on energy costs whilst helping the environment at the same time. In fact you can save up to 40% on energy costs. Your home will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter with the help of the insulating qualities of Rollashield shutters.

Cyclone and Bushfire Safe

Spare your home from the punishing treatment of bushfires and cyclones too. Queensland can throw up some very harsh weather and extreme climate events.  Extensive testing has been carried out in conjunction with the CSIRO, resulting in a 29kw/m2 rating for AR400 Series Shutters (Technical Assessment 306) and BAL 40 (Bushfire Attack Level 40) for AE401 Extruded Shutters for the protection against radiant heat from bushfires. See our blog piece about Fireproofing Your Home.

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